Halloween Film Night Parties

Halloween Film Night Parties Happy Halloween! Heres how the Horroronline celebrated last year!  Still a handy post for Halloween Night movie choosing! For some people Halloween is a night for dressing up, getting… Continue reading

Horror Reads For Halloween

If like myself, Halloween gets you in the mood to read some good, scary novels then check out this selection of some of the best contemporary Horror Novels you may have missed..  … Continue reading

Original Vs Remake The Hitcher

  Welcome to Original Vs Remake, the place where Horror Remakes go head to head with their Original. Was the Remake an abysmal failure at the box office? Did the Original have a… Continue reading

Greatest Horror Movie Cats Meow off!!

    Cats, wonderful companions if you enjoy spending your days with someone who looks at you with pure loathing for simply being alive, knocks stuff off high surfaces for shits and giggles… Continue reading

We Need To Talk About…Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Welcome to ‘We Need To Talk About’ A regular feature that will explore burning topics in the world of horror that really need to be explored and discussed. Let’s get to it ;… Continue reading

Devil’s Due Trailer

The Anti-Christ gets the found footage treatment!

Cassadaga Review

Director : Anthony Diblasi   Writers : Bruce Greenwood, Scott Poiley   Cast : Kelen Coleman, Kevin Alejandro, Avis-Marie Barnes     Released to the festival circuit and straight to VOD in Europe… Continue reading

Meg Myers One Woman Horror Musical – Official Heart Heart Head Video

Total bad ass Meg Meyers brings a powerfully feminine touch to gothic rock. Her video for ‘Heart Heart Head’ helps her earn some serious stripes as a scream queen and creates some wonderfully… Continue reading

Original Vs Remake Halloween

Original Vs Remake  : Halloween   Welcome to Original Vs Remake, the place where Horror Remakes go head to head with their Original. Was the remake an abysmal failure at the box office?… Continue reading

The Dyatlov Pass Incident Review

  Cast : Luke Albright, Holly Goss, Matt Stokoe, Gemma Atkinson   Director : Renny Harlin   Writer : Vikram Weet   The Dyatlov Pass Incident also inexplicably known as Devil’s Pass, sees… Continue reading