Evil Dead (Remake) Trailer

It’s HEEEEERE! *sigh* The trailer for the Evil Dead remake is here. All of the charm of the original ;it’s clunky acting and ridiculous sexual assaulting trees has clearly been wiped out in… Continue reading

Why Horror Remakes Drive Everyone Bat S*%T Crazy

                                                            Why Horror Remakes… Continue reading

The Collection Trailer

The Collector one of the smartest horror movies of the last ten years, now has a sequel due to be released in November. Though the trailer has a worrying whiff of the Saw… Continue reading

The Five Worst Horror Movies to Watch on a Date

The Five Worst Horror Movies to Watch on a Date In the early days of dating someone, having a movie night together is a rite of passage and for good reason. Once you’ve… Continue reading

A Haunted House Trailer

So, anyone want to see Marlon Wayans he of the Wayans (Scary Movie) Brothers send up the found Footage craze?.. didn’t think so.. I most certainly didn’t hold any hope going into this… Continue reading

The Raven DVD Review

The Raven DVD Review The Raven takes us to 19th century Baltimore where horror writer Edgar Allan Poe is striving for recognition and a means to survive. When a murderer begins killing people… Continue reading