The Bay – Film Review

    Director: Barry Levinson Starring: Kether Donohue, Kristen Connolly, Anthony Reynolds Cert : 18 Even if I enjoy a Found Footage Horror film, I still feel as though I’ve just engaged in… Continue reading

The Lords of Salem Trailer

Get ready for an old school gore fest!

Final Girl Smackdown!!

The ‘Final Girl’ in horror movies is the girl who leads us through the grisly action and lives to see the sequel or least the credits. The term was first used by Carol… Continue reading

Black Rock Trailer

Here’s the new trailer for Horror Thriller ‘Black Rock’ which pits man against woman, with what looks like bloody consequences..

New Horror Movies

Enough of remakes! Lets have a run down of some brand new Horror films set for future release! The Conjuring Expected : July 2013 James Wan mastermind behind Saw and Insidious returns with… Continue reading

Horror on Television ; When is it too Much?

‘The Following’ Fox Television’s new drama darling headed by Kevin Bacon, has appeared since it’s premiere to be on a mission to bring something new to the procedural crime drama ; genuine terror.… Continue reading

Mama trailer

Guillermo Del Toro is back! it is very refreshing to see a trailer for a brand new horror movie that is not a remake and it is very exciting to see Del Toro… Continue reading

Halloween Film Night Parties

Happy Halloween! For some people Halloween is a night for dressing up, getting drunk and groping naughty (zombie) nurses but I’m a purist (with no social life) and I think it’s a night for staying… Continue reading

Two Found Footage Films That You Should Watch

Found Footage, two words that alone are very innocent but put together can lead to diabolically bad film making decisions. I think that (almost) all of us are in agreement that The Blair… Continue reading

Upcoming Horror Remakes

Whether you love them or hate them (*cough* *COUGH* ahem), you can’t escape them, horror remakes are continuing their stratospheric rise and here is a list of just a few  of the ones… Continue reading