Ouija Review

spirit board This is going to get ugly. Ouija was funded by Hasbro and produced by Platinum Dunes..Michael Bay’s production company and released on Halloween. Yes it is a thinly veiled marketing scheme masquerading as a movie and yes it is a little heartbreaking that such a creepy concept was given such poor treatment. The ‘story’ follows a group of thirty year old teenagers who are grieving the loss of their friend and turn to a Ouija board to contact her. There is almost little more to be said..except to give a rather prefect example of the film’s cliched approach to horror ; Spirit Board2 The thirty year old teenagers visit their dead friend’s house in the daytime and its surrounds are overflowing with lush green foliage that is basking in the rejuvenating joy of Summer! Later they visit the same house at night to begin their seance and suddenly the trees protrude with barren branches that stencil the moonlight sky..There is no sense here. The film plays like a rejected ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark’ script and I say rejected because it is not scary enough for Nick at Night, never mind as a wide release horror film. The movie struggles onward and fills it’s pathetically short running time with stolen ideas from far superior horror films. Lyn Shaye even shows up to kindly do a recreation of her role from Insidious. Overall, it is clear that Platinum Dunes released this film to rake in Halloween cash and as soon as the calendar changed to November 1st they forgot about it and started devising ways to fit Christmas hats on to Transformers..I suggest you follow their lead and forget about it too.

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