Halloween Party Music Picks!

Halloween Dance

Whether you’ve having a huge Halloween Shindig or a small spooky gathering here are some music suggestions to help create the creepy mood, without resorting to ‘The Monster Mash’..


Rasputina – Thanks For The Ether (1996)


TheHorrorOnline is a long time fan of these girls. They are a ladies cello collective who borrow their style from the 1800’s. Their gothic debut is a mix of cello, goth rock and spoken word. The single Transylvanian Concubine was featured in the second season of Buffy The Vampire Slayerand is one of the album’s most coherent tracks. This is the prefect album to help create a creepy gothic atmosphere. It does all go a bit bat shit with spoken word tracks like Kate Moss but this album was made for Halloween!


Standout Track :  Transylvanian Concubine ; Lots of mental vampire goodness!




Natalia Kills- Perfectionist (2011)


The beautiful Natalia Kills gives it her deranged all in this her stellar debut album. Her fast electro pop gives a respectful nod to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and crackles with dark sexuality. Her butter soft vocals weave through dirty electronic beats and with themes of revenge and boyfriend killing this album will set the scary mood. Every song is enjoyably danceable so its perfect for when everyone fancies a boogie!



Standout Track: Zombie ; The perfect Halloween dance track!





White Zombie – Astro-Creep: 2000 – Songs of Love, Destruction and Other Synthetic Delusions of the Electric Head (1995)


Rob Zombie’s band of head bangers created the ultimate head banger album with their 1995 effort which is perfect for the Halloween season! Warning ; if you put this album on prepare for moshing!


Standout Track : More Human Than Human ; mosh,mosh,mosh…





The Crow Soundtrack – Various Artists (1994)


Truly one of the greatest soundtracks of the nineties, featuring original Cure song Burn which the band recorded for the film. The album brings together Nine Inch Nails, The Violent Femmes,The Stone Temple Pilots and Jesus and Marychain – incredible! This one makes for good background music.


Standout Track : Burn ; It will fill your party with the cries of gothic 90’s angst!





What are your favorite albums to play at Halloween?