The Bad Horror Film Club : April Fool’s Day (2008)


Welcome to The Bad Horror Film Club : Here we take a look at Horror films that give off a ‘Likely to be baaaaaad’ vibe TheHorroronline is going to see if they can find a diamond in the crappy horror movie rough. Each film will be given a fair chance and we will discover whether or not they belong in The Bad Horror Film Club. Today we (unfortunately) look at April Fool’s Day.

April Fools DAy 4


This remake of the campy but popular 1986 horror has pushed this reviewer to a new and dizzying height of Incredulance (And yes I believe I did just invent that word, desperate times, desperate measures..) So horrified am I by it’s very existence that I am going to do something that has never been done by the Horroronline..I’m going to review this film in Bullet Point format. This I believe is all that the film deserves, as it appears that it itself is just one long bullet point list of bad ideas. Let’s get this shit over with quickly..



  • Based on three different screenplays. Uh oh.


  • Directed by The Butcher Brothers..Uh oh.


  • Characters have names like Desiree, Barbie and Milan..triple uh oh.


  • A character actually says “I’ll have you raped by a wizard”. Really. A human person actually wrote these words down and another human person spoke them. This actually happened.


  • Inexplicably some of the characters have ridiculous Southern accents and some do not..


  • Watching an ultra camp character flamboyantly drown to death (though his head barely goes under water?!) in a tiny swimming pool was by far one of the MOST hilarious things I have ever seen in my young life and I am thankful to the film for that. It is never explained as to why a person who can not swim owns a swimming pool..which thankfully adds to the hilarity..


  • With ridiculous over the top acting and bizarre humor this film clearly wants to be a B movie – which would be fine except that the filmmakers seem to think that B Movie is code for UTTER SHIT.


  • This is horror ‘Goosebumps style’ (except of course Goosebumps did it better) there is no violence, blood or gore – people just seem to die out of stupidity. The Butcher Brothers do not live up to their name..


April Fool's Day 2

The Verdict :

April Fool’s Day you are the reason The Bad Horror Film Club was created..stay the hell away from me.