Guilty Pleasures : The Roommate (2011)

Minka Kelly stars in Screen Gems' thriller THE ROOMMATE.

Welcome to Guilty Pleasures the feature where TheHorrorOnline shines a light on horror films that don’t deserve to be liked, they deserve to be the reason someone got fired..but you’ll still hate watch them on Netflix. Before reading on know that yes all films featured here are crap, they’re not so bad they’re good they’re just crap. Today let’s look at The Roommate (2011)  


The Case For :

The Roommate is Single White Female for the college age and it is deeply,deeply stupid, perfect guilty pleasure viewing!


The Case Against :

Leighton Meester has proved herself to be a bankable star who doesn’t usually get out of bed for total dreck and the trailer hinted at what could be a fun, slick, young blooded thriller. But the finished film was a complete world of nope.  


The Stats..Can’t Fight The Facts..

Rotten Tomatoes Score : 4%  


The Story :

Sara starts college and after initially befriending her roommate Rebecca, begins to suspect that Rebecca is dangerously obsessed with her. She probably would have figured it out much quicker if she’d watched Single White Female..  


The Roommate-1



Stupid Is As Stupid Does :

Firstly the film is fooling no one not even their 15-20 year old demographic (they have Google), by pretending that this film is not a remake of 1992’s ever superior Single White Female. Obsessed roommate : check, Jewelry stealing, ill fated pet,sexual harassment by superior : check, check,check. Refusing to admit that your remake is in fact a big fat REMAKE, does not save said film from being judged harshly with all the other awful remakes. In fact it makes your remake look like a terribly obvious and just plain terrible rip off. Studio bosses take heed.

Truly though The Roommate’s greatest sin is it’s treatment of mental illness. Rebecca is revealed to be suffering from Bi Polar disorder which by this film’s standards makes her a bat crap crazy, nut job who deserves to be stabbed to death. Oh dear. If this film actually had viewing figures that weren’t laughable, then there probably would have been a well deserved controversy. There is one damn lucky screen writer out there who seriously needs to read a mental health leaflet..  

Kitten facepalm



Watch it? Hell yeah! Train wreck’s this polished don’t come along often. Enjoy!