Guilty Pleasures ; Prom Night (2008)


Welcome to Guilty Pleasures the feature where TheHorrorOnline shines a light on horror films that don’t deserve to be liked, they deserve to be the reason someone got fired..but you’ll still hate watch them on Netflix. Before reading on know that yes all films featured here are crap, they’re not so bad they’re good they’re just crap. Today let’s look at Prom Night (2008)   The Case For : Prom Night is classed as a remake even though the only actual resemblance it has to the 80’s slasher is that they are both set at a Prom..sort of..? The film works fantastically as a Guilty Pleasure, almost exclusively because it stars Brittany Snow (love you Bae!) the Jamie Leigh Curtis of bad horror movies. But also because it features a fun soundtrack of soft rock 80’s covers and has characters that behave so stupidly, that if you’re not actually screaming in frustration at the screen then you’re watching it wrong..

Prom_Night knife

The Case Against : The poster, marketing,trailer and soundtrack suggested that this could be a slick, well produced,fun horror flick. But nope, nope and nope its crap and can only be enjoyed as a guilty pleasure.   The Stats..Can’t Fight The Facts.. Rotten Tomatoes Score : 8%     The Story: In 2005 Donna’s psychotic teacher who has become obsessed with her, murders her entire family, cut to 2008 and Donna is preparing to attend her senior Prom and gather with all her young, attractive, fodder ready friends in one venue..which is bound to end well!


Stupid Is As Stupid Does : The silliest part of the film is how each ‘red shirt’ character suddenly finds a burning reason why they should disappear from the eyes of all mankind and find a dark corner to get killed in. This leads to the cardboard characters repeatedly saying something along the lines of “Where’s Lisa?” “Where did Claire go?” “Have you seen Bobby?” “WHERE IS RONNIE??!” Basically by the 60 minute mark the film is just a bunch of teenagers wandering around a hotel looking for each other. The teen fodder extract themselves from scenes to meet their grisly end so clumsily that they may as well exclaim “Wow love your dress, is that duck egg blue? Nice. Gotta go get murdered now byeeee, class of 2008 WOOOOO!” as they go.


Watch it?

Of course!! Hate watch it on Netflix while hate eating marshmallows!