The Most Satisfying Horror Movie Endings


Very often Horror Films can leave a bad taste in the mouth. A brilliant spine tingling thrill ride can come to a shuddering halt with a grim, open or just plain stupid ending. Sometimes the hero gets it right between the eyes (why Romero? WHY?!!), or the story ends in medias res, without any kind of closure. Or sometimes Frank Darabont has a really bad idea and ruins an almost perfect Stephen King adaptation (We’re glaring at you ‘The Mist’). But sometimes, just sometimes a horror film has an ending so satisfying and perfect that despite any horrifying images that preceded it, it leaves a smug, happy smile on your face. Let’s check out a few now ;


NOTE : Given the nature of this post, there are endless spoilers ahead for anyone who has not seen the film’s mentioned.


You’re Next (2013)


It’s an open secret that the TheHorroronline wants to have You’re Next’s beautiful little Mumblegore babies. It is a fantastic film that heralded a new edgier era for the Horror genre and challenged all other Horror film’s to up their game. One of the most satisfying elements of You’re Next is it’s wonderful, transcendent heroine Erin. Hers is a journey that is worth rooting for, she ass kicks her way through the film, whooping butt and taking names. By the film’s conclusion we want nothing more then for her to survive and in the final moments after she has dispatched her final foe it’s seems that she will in fact survive and be triumphant. Then BOOM a cop with the wrong end of the stick shoots her. “NOOOOOO”, I inwardly cried ‘It’s Night Of The Living Dead’ all over again’, ‘It’s the cruel fake out ending!’ But then she pulls herself up and we see that she was not fatally wounded. THANK YOU You’re Next, thank you. We’re not worthy!




Poltergeist (1982)


The Iconic Poltergeist gave us a family worth rooting for in the Freeling’s. The film took the time to develop the family dynamic and explore the genuine love that they felt for each other. By the it’s terrifying conclusion we too had travelled to hell and back with the Freeling’s and we just wanted these nefarious entities to leave them alone . So when the film concluded with each member of the Freeling clan exhausted but intact making it to a hotel room (after booting out the T.V) it was a satisfying relief.




Scream (1996)


By the time we had reached the final act of the genre defining Scream, we knew that we were watching a self aware homage to slasher’s of the past. And so it was a clear possibility that we could be about to get the ‘Michael Myers’ ending – where the killer has somehow survived and has now gone POOF, free to torment another day. So it was deeply satisfying to watch Sidney shoot the killer square between the eyes and proclaim “Not in my movie!” declaring that this is one horror film where the killer doesn’t get the last laugh.




The Craft (1996)


After a stellar supernatural showdown between Nancy and Sarah where Sarah defeats her, Sarah is visited by her ex-friends/Coven sisters Bonnie and Rochelle. The girl’s give Sarah an unconvincing apology for the whole ‘trying to kill her’ thing and reveal that they are now powerless. When Sarah dismisses them Rochelle comments bitchily that Sarah probably has no powers anymore. In response Sarah darkens the sky and lops off a tree branch with her mind, that almost crushes the girls. She then utters the fantastic line “Careful, you don’t want to end up like Nancy.” We then see that crazy Queen bitch Nancy has ended up in a mental institution. Yay! Karma’s a bitch, bitches! Comeuppance for all!




28 Days Later (2001)


Danny Boyle’s raw and visceral Zombie offering gave the undead the terrifying revamp they needed. By it’s conclusion our hero Jim and his companions Selena and Hannah had survived endless horror and trauma and their story is book ended by showing them having taken refuge in a remote cabin. With a hand sewn sign they then catch the attention of a helicopter and hurrah, they’re all saved! Yay!




Vacancy (2007)


This was admittedly a sub par Horror-lite film with a fantastic, not very well delivered on concept. Sluggish pacing and much water treading dragged the great central concept (snuff film hotel) down but all was redeemed with a satisfying ending. The killers of the piece never truly emitted terrifying menace and so it was deeply satisfying to discover that they not had managed to kill David after all and to watch Amy knock them all off in quick succession. Because if these lackluster bad guys had prevailed it would have been very hard to swallow, considering how rubbish they were.




Alien (1979)


Jonesy the cat lived to meow another day and Ripley got to shoot an alien into space! I can’t imagine why I would need to elaborate on why this ending was EPIC! The cat LIVED, YAY!!! I leave you with Jonesy being totally chill and proving that taking on aliens ain’t no thing ;



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