Horror Films That Were Destroyed By CGI


Horror films often require the suspension of belief but what happens when that suspension is pulled to breaking point by computer effects that would make an Atari blush.. this :


Mama (2013)


Power house performances from excellent child actresses and palpable tension were utterly ruined in this Guillermo Del Toro produced horror by an unforgivable overuse of CGI. The first half of the film teases at the presence of the titular ‘Mama’ entity and then falls flat on its face when she is revealed to be a computer animated mess. It didn’t have to be this way..If only Del Toro could have leant them The Pale Man ( a performer in costume) from Pan’s Labyrinth and we all would have wet ourselves (again).



Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (2010)


Another Guillermo Del Toro backed CGI nightmare, oh dear. Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark is a sad and sorry example of what can happen to great actors when they have to act against a tennis ball. Katie Holmes and Bailee Madison give fantastic performances of being terrified of the evil little creatures that reside in their house (in fairness Guy Pearce just frets about fabric swatches), performances that look pretty damn ridiculous once the creatures are revealed. Let’s just say that I spent the latter half of this film humming the Gremlins tune in my head ; la la la la, la la,la la la la, la la..



I Am Legend (2007)


This very unfortunate adaptation is just a complete world of nope. Full body CGI vampires ; Nope. Will Smith battling CGI vampires ; nope, nope. Apparently after a week of filming Director Francis Lawrence fired all the actors who had been wearing prosthetics to portray the vampires and replaced them with CGI. He did this he claims because he didn’t find the vampires to be affective or convincing when portrayed by make up and physical effects. Well I’d love a toke on whatever he was smoking cause it must have been some good shit if he found those CGI monstrosities to be more convincing then people in makeup..



An American Werewolf In Paris (1997)


Though in truth this horribly misguided sequel was already a terribly scripted bad idea, the awful CGI werewolves hammered the nails into the coffin. When creating a sequel to a film that was a huge ground breaking achievement in make up special effects, deciding to fill it with masses of awful CGI is just insulting.



Honorary Mention ;

The Baby in Twilight ; Breaking Dawn Part 2


WTF? Nope.



I’m sure there are many more films that belong on this list, please let me know your addition!