Demand to get Bruce Campbell a title!

There is something very wrong with this trailer that looks like it smells of Pumpkin Spice. In between Mila Kunis being almost too beautiful for human eyes and James Franco working autumnal shades, a total injustice occurs..this ;

“Academy Award Nominee ; James Franco,
Golden Globe Nominee ; Mila Kunis,
Academy Award Nominee ; Jessica Chastain,
Independent Spirit Award Winner ; Zach Braff,
………………………Bruce Campbell”

Really you’re gonna blank Bruce ‘Ash’ Campbell like that? Be honest you just gave Zach Braff that title because ‘He tries really hard’ didn’t you? Campbell deserves a damn title too how about ;

‘Chainsaw Badass Bruce Campbell’


‘Evil Dead Ass Wooper Bruce Campbell’

OR failing that you could recognise his 2003 Nomination at The DVD Exclusive Awards in the Best Audio Commentary, Library Release Category for Evil Dead.

That’s cold!