The Bad Horror Film Club ; The Final (2010)

Welcome to The Bad Horror Film Club : Here we take a look at Horror films that give off a ‘Likely to be baaaaaad’ vibe . TheHorroronline is going to see if they can find a diamond in the crappy horror movie rough. Each film will be given a fair chance and we will discover whether or not they belong in The Bad Horror Film Club.


For Consideration : The Final (2010)


The incredibly sensitive topic of bullying gets the low budget horror treatment here as The Final follows a group of bullied suicidal outcasts who exact a bloody revenge on their tormenters by luring them to a deadly costume party.

The Trivia section of IMDB informs me that director Joey Stewart recorded his commentary for the film’s DVD while downing a bottle of red wine, well that explains how he sleeps at night. Seemingly trying to take some kind of moral stance (?!) this nasty, ugly film portrays bullying victims as soulless psychopaths and the bullies as deserving of slow bloody torture.


As this horrible little horror film loftily postures through scenes of the young outcasts finding relief by forcing their tormenters to torture each other, you can almost hear the filmmakers crying out in defense of their film “These things have happened!” “School Shootings, Columbine!” Yes these things do happen and they are awful and they create unquantifiable amounts of grief and agony, so they should not be used as the basis for a gory,badly constructed shlock horror,ever. There is always a place for the discussion of bullying and the tragedy it can lead to but a flimsy gory horror looking for cheap thrills is never it, ever. Honestly if I had so offensively missed the mark as director Joey Stewart did here, I’d turn to drink too..

The film manages to include copious scenes of teenagers torturing each other with among other things; acid burning, bear traps, finger chopping and adds some gun murder and throws in lots of suicide for healthy measure. We are left with a confused bloody mess and a sick feeling in the stomach. 


During its marketing the film claimed that it had been inspired by the 2009 incident in Midvale Utah where a 14 and 15 year old planned to kidnap, torture and murder the classmates they felt had wronged them, film their actions and put it on the internet (thankfully one of boys mothers discovered their plan before it could be enacted and they were both arrested). So let me get this straight the writer of The Final Jason Kabolati read THAT news article and thought ‘Man that would make an awesome movie!” ?! Ugh, Kabolati go hang out with the guy who conceptualized The Human Centipede and maybe go find a deserted island that you could live on together, far away from humanity.


The Verdict : 

The Final you awful, offensive film you DO belong in The Bad Horror Film Club you also belong in hell, please rot there.