Horror Reads For Halloween

If like myself, Halloween gets you in the mood to read some good, scary novels then check out this selection of some of the best contemporary Horror Novels you may have missed..



Monster : A Novel Of Frankenstein by Dave Zeltserman (2012)


A fantastically gory novel that retells Mary Shelly’s famous tale from the point of view of Frankenstein’s Monster. A scary and intriguing read!




Apocalypse Cow By Michael Logan (2012)


This funny and frightening book set in the Scottish highlands imagines a world where livestock are injected with a virus that turns them into crazed murderous zombies! Packed with lots of wonderfully disgusting imagery.




Red Moon By Benjamin Percy (2013)


Set in a world where werewolves (referred to as Lycans) live among humans and upon facing fear and persecution build their own society known as the Lupine Republic. The story follows the star crossed love affair between a human and a lycan and successfully grapples the werewolf genre away from Young Adult/Twilight supremacy.



Babayaga By Toby Barlow (2013)


Set in 1950’s Paris this wonderful novel spins cold war spy intrigue with horror and witches while also stirring in a passionate love story. Evocative and exciting, the emotive writing is taut and more coherent then Barlow’s intriguing but acquired taste ‘novel in verse’ Sharp Teeth.



The Passage Justin Cronin (2011)


Book one of his trilogy Cronin’s 800 page tome gives Vampires back their bite. In a epic adventure to save humanity we follow a father and his daughter as they strive to survive and rescue the human race. There are no sexy brooding bloodsuckers here, as the novel’s fanged villains are large insect like creatures that glow in the dark. A game changer to the genre.