The Bad Horror Film Club ; Babysitter Wanted

Welcome to The Bad Horror Film Club : Here we take a look at Horror films that give off a ‘Likely to be baaaaaad’ vibe . TheHorroronline is going to see if they can find a diamond in the crappy horror movie rough. Each film will be given a fair chance and we will discover whether or not they belong in The Bad Horror Film Club.

For Consideration : Babysitter Wanted (2008)


This straight to DVD offering has two frequently used posters ; one a sepia tinged affair with a solitary girl in a eerily lit room; it’s artistic brevity just crying out to be stamped with Sundance laurel wreaths (that was never going to happen *snort*) The second poster gives a better glimpse into the true face of this confused, nasty, awful little film ; this poster is dominated by a close up of a terrified girl whose mouth is covered by an attacker, a true exploitive B Movie image.


The ‘story’ follows Angie Albright a college student who answers a babysitter wanted advertisement and procures her self a job at a remote farmhouse, looking after a young boy. As her first night of babysitting begins, Angie realizes that she and her charge are being stalked by a stranger who is roaming the property.

Despite clunky, stiff dialogue and a love interest for our titular babysitter whose part could have been played more efficiently by an actual piece of wood, the first half of the film seems promising. We are quickly put into a ‘When A Stranger Calls’ scenario, the babysitter tentatively exploring her new surrounding while trying to protect her charge from a mysterious intruder. The tension builds and its easy to feel for Angie with her doe eyed vulnerability. Then the film takes a fatal nose dive into the world of demonology and religion. It gropes madly for a storyline to cling to then gives up and resorts to horrific needless gore, in an jaw droppingly disgusting, overlong scene of human butchery. It then crumples into a terribly bizarre open ending, that seems to be trying to set the film up for a sequel?! (that’ll happen when pigs fly)


Overall what could have redeemed itself as a scary silly B movie, chose instead to be a disgusting waste of everyone’s time. A behind the scenes feature included on the DVD proves to be unintentionally HILARIOUS, as everyone in it takes themselves and the film much, much too seriously, behaving as though they were making The Shining. Avoid.

Verdict : Babysitter Wanted you have truly earned your place in The Bad Horror Film Club and you should be ashamed of yourself you nasty little piece of crap!