Horror Films Ultimate Useless Grown Ups

So often in Horror movies crazies decide to chase and torment young people and often with the help of some seriously dumb grown ups they succeed splendidly! Let’s take a look at the most useless and utterly unhelpful grown ups known to Horror Movies!



Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)


Marge Thompson – Nancy’s Mother

Oh dear, where to start? First of all Marge is a little too fond of the drink, which causes her to pass out rather then ah, actually help. If Nancy hadn’t have had her hands full dealing with a dead pedo dream killer, she surely would have taken her mother to a meeting. Between passing out, disbelieving her daughter and practically dragging her to the nuthouse Marge proves herself to be awesomely crap when it comes to surviving a horror movie.

Ultimate Facepalm Moment :

She puts bars on the freaking windows, bars! Helpful.





I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)


Elsa Shivers – Helen’s Sister

Elsa suffered from some serious hair envy as well beingatotalbitchitis if the whole being  chased by a killer with a big hook thing hadn’t have been happening then she and Helen could have lobbied for their own passive aggressive Kardashian style reality show. She couldn’t have been more useless to Helen if she’d spent the entire film painting her nails.

Ultimate Facepalm Moment :

Helen is being chased to the death by the killer with a hook for a hand and as she pounds on the door of her family’s shop, Elsa oh so,so,so,SO slowly opens the door while practically yawning.




Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (2010)


Alex – Sally’s Father

Alex clearly didn’t believe in CGI or ah gnome type gremlins, as he was too busy down at Ikea picking out fabric swatches to give a toss that his kid was being tormented by computer generated gremlins who loved razors and disliked designer clothes. Kudos to Katie Holmes though for stepping up to the plate!

Ultimate Facepalm Moment :

Alex insists that his daughter puts on a posh dress and parties while she is trying to survive an over abundance of CGI!

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