Horror Movie Trivia

It’s trivia time, Bitches!

Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)


  • The film was almost never released because New Line Cinema had been unable to pay the processing lab and the lab subsequently held the film hostage. This explains why New Line forever viewed Wes Craven as an incredible demigod who saved their entire company from monetary ruin and probably bought him lots of cake, probably.


  • Johnny Depp was cast in this his first film role because a prepubescent on set said he was dreamy, it is believed that she had eyes.
  • Certain female members of the production staff may or may not have kept shirtless Polaroid’s of Johnny Depp taken for costuming. I have not scoured Ebay looking for them. Ever.


  • Anthony Cecere the stunt man who performed as Freddy when he is set on fire and chases Nancy up a set of stairs, won an award for best stunt of the year for his work in the scene. Unfortunately Heather Langenkamp’s hair won no awards, sad face.


Friday The 13th  (1980)


  • When the film was released on VHS in the UK they misspelled actor Harry Crosby’s name referring to him instead as Harry Crosy. Jesus! Really!? My God, Harry man, that’s cold, tragic really – the cover was later recalled and replaced- hopefully because of a heroic letter writing campaign that Harry and his family started which possibly led to a dramatic court case that ended with Harry standing outside a court house surrounded by supporters wearing ‘Change Harry’s Name Back t- shirt’s who cheered defiantly as Harry thrust the now amended VHS cover into the air proclaiming “Yes we did it ! WE DID IT!!”
  • Writer Victor Miller never went to Summer Camp. WHAT!? Lies. It was all lies! Maybe he never went because he had an irrational fear that a middle aged woman with Carol Brady hair would try and kill him with a big knife.

Final Destination (2000)


  • The news footage of the plane crash is actual footage of TWA Flight 800 that ( like the plane in the film) exploded shortly after takeoff, because the producers were classy like that..
  • The story was originally planned to be an X Files episode but was probably rejected because it didn’t offer enough brooding opportunities for David Duchovny’s hair.
  • Kerr Smith and Sean William Scott took the travel sickness pills Dramamine before each plane crash take and were accidentally off their tits during filming and unable to be shown in many close ups . *high fives*

The Evil Dead (1981)


  • Producer Irvin Sharipo made Sam Rami change the title from ‘Book of the Dead’ to ‘Evil dead’ because he believed that teenagers wouldn’t see a film with the word ‘book’ in it because he believed that teenagers were deeply stupid.
  • Half way through filming the production ran out of money and made cold calls to local businesses to ask for financing and Sam Rami probably might have charged people to stroke his lustrous dark hair – 10 dollars a stroke – again probably.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


  • The film was originally titled Head Cheese which I quite like..


  • Edwin Neal who played the Hitch hiker has said that making the film was worse than his time in Nam (on a sidenote Edwin Neal is flipping hilarious and theHorroronline highly recommends checking out his interviews on youtube)


  • Gunnar Hansen as Leatherface was given only one shirt to wear and it could not be washed because it had been dyed. So Hansen had to run around like a mental-er in the Texas heat for a month in the same unwashed shirt and says that this caused him to make no friends on set because he smelt so bad. Aw.