Needless Horror Movie Sequels!

After watching a really good Horror movie one can often have thoughts like this :  Well Holy Monkey balls, that was a good horror movie, it was scary, it was fun and most all it was original. But who needs original when you can have a retread…

“HUZZAH!”  scream the movie bosses jumping out of their solid gold money filled Jacuzzi’s, as they look at the high box office figures on their Apple Pro Mac Pro Air Razor Stupid Expensive book “ Get me a Shit Sequel SAT!

Let’s  now take a look at some of Horror’s most unneeded sequels..

Feel free to agree or disagree with theHorroronline on this list and share what you think in the comments!


The Exorcist 2 : The Heretic  (1977)


Still regarded as one of the biggest mistakes in the history of horror film making, The Exorcist sequel has a cross of shame to bear not just because it is utterly woeful but because it attached itself like a money grubbing leech to the iconic and seminal film of William Peter Blatty’s equally brilliant novel. Stand alone source material that has been beautifully and satisfyingly adapted for the screen doesn’t need a sequel. Ever. In the Bob McCabe book The Exorcist: Out of the shadows ; (which looks back on the production of the film and its sequels using insights and interviews) Richard Lederer  a co-producer on ‘The Heretic’  was actually quoted as saying :

“What we essentially wanted to do with the sequel was to redo the first movie… Have the central figure, an investigative priest, interview everyone involved with the exorcism, then fade out to unused footage, unused angles from the first movie. A low-budget rehash – about $3 million – of The Exorcist, a rather cynical approach to movie-making, I’ll admit.”

Nuff’ Said.

The Fly 2 (1989)


If only the producers could have given Geena Davis a bigger role in the purposed Fly  sequel and not have told her that she was going to be killed off in the first five minutes, she would have come back and brought her then husband Jeff Goldblum with her (for a real cameo, the cameo which Goldbulm makes in the film is actually deleted footage from the original)  then maybe this ridiculous sequel would have been salvageable . But no instead we were given Eric Stoltz  playing a five year old (yes really) who is apparently super smart because he got some of his ole’ pop’s Fly DNA, because of course everyone knows that flies have a reputation for winning Pulitzer’s..  Chris Walas who was in charge of the creature effects of the 1986 Fly tarnished his good work on that film by taking the helm as director on this abomination. The Fly is a historic piece of horror film making that doesn’t deserve to be associated with this nonsense.



 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre truly was an iconic genre defining film with its fantastic use of minimal gore, high tension and hysteria and has survived as an important stand alone piece of horror that was not in need of a sequel. Unusually enough for a horror sequel Tobe Hooper returned for directing duties but he failed to recreate the tension and knife edged lunacy of the original. The sequel was criticized for giving in to the Popcorn light mass appeal that ‘fun’ and ‘wacky’ horror films were experiencing in the 80’s (Nightmare on Elm Street, et al). So the film plays as though you are watching  an 80’s tinged pop version of the original 70’s shocker, which no one really needed to see.

Damien : Omen 2 (1978)


David Seltzer the writer of the fantastic original had a pretty famous falling out with The Omen’s producers when he told them to respectfully ‘Fuck off’ when they asked him to write a sequel.  Seltzer had originally been given the task of writing The Omen as a novel (as well as a screenplay) the novel was released two weeks prior to the film as a publicity tie in. And it seems that Seltzer got a little attached to The Omen, after having to write both a novel and screenplay on the premise in a short space of time, frankly who wouldn’t? And he wanted the studio and producers to leave what he now felt to be ‘his story’ alone and allow it to be a standalone piece. One can imagine that this was met with raucous laughter. Having kicked the writer to the curb they created the sequel which had none of the original’s suspense and was about as frightening as babysitting a toddler (not even).

The Exception :

 Friday The 13th part 2 (1981)


Friday the 13th Part 2 is the ultimate exception to iconic horror movie sequels. Without Friday the 13th part 2, pop culture would be bereft of Jason Voorhees , the second film played on the slash and scare techniques that had only been touched on in the original. Of course it doesn’t mean that they’re forgiven for the 7 billion other Friday the 13th sequels they made though..