Poltergeist Remake Speedily Backpeddles


If the term ‘bad idea’ needed a dictionary entry, then the words ; remake Poltergeist could have filled it easily. Since the news of plans to remake the groundbreaking 80’s horror surfaced there has been outrage from fans of the original (as well as fans of taste and decency) The web was flooded with overall contempt for the idea. And there had been rumors that this contempt played a part in the project stalling several times during the story creating process. Now it seems that there may have been truth to the rumors.

The plot for the forthcoming ‘remake’ has been released and it bares little resemblance to the original other than it has ghosts in it.. The film will follow Eric Bowen as he and his family move to a new home ; Amy Bowen Eric’s wife has special abilities that allow her to communicate with the dead and shortly after their move the Bowen’s daughter Madison is kidnapped throwing the family into a fight with the supernatural. The Press Release appears to be excitedly pushing what the studio seems to believe are interesting ‘new’ characters ; Carrigan Burke a T.V personality who hosts a show called ‘Haunted House Cleaner’s’ and his ex wife Brooke Powell a parapsychologist. So basically the plot is entirely different to the original, suggesting that the studio took a giant leap away from the term ‘remake’ and would clearly now prefer the term, ‘re-imagined’. While its comforting to know that the original should remain somewhat unscathed by this venture, it’s deeply unfortunate and irritating that MGM feel the need to use the iconic title and reputation of the original just to sell another horror movie.