The ‘How Scary is it?’ Scale


I am often asked a certain question when recommending Horror films, “ How scary is it?” Sometimes that question is asked by someone who loves their Horror raw and terrifying and sometimes its asked by someone who enjoys a good scare but will actually faint if things get too hardcore. So using my own personal experience I have devised the ‘How Scary Is It? Scale’


Scary Stage 1 : Can Be Viewed With Food

These Films can be enjoyed while eating any food you like without the fear of upchucking or being too horrified to chew.

Example : BeetleJuice (1988)



Scary Stage 2 : You Regret Watching It Alone

These films aren’t quite terrifying but make you feel that it would be nice to have someone watching with you ; to break the tension, maybe laugh and possibly cuddle.

Example : I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)




Scary Stage 3 : Pillows

You aren’t a baby actually and you do like Horror films and can totally handle gore, of course you can but please shut up and just give me that pillow to grip comfortingly and use as a shield or I will use you!!

Example : The Fly (1986)


Scary Stage 4 : Paranoia

Once the pillow / unfortunate person’s arm has been released, you consider just sleeping on the couch so that you don’t have to journey through the big scary house and you suggest enlisting the ‘Buddy System’ for trips to the bathroom.

Example : Paranormal Activity


Scary Stage 5 : Crying/ Catatonic State

You are so scared that if you had the balls to go outside, get in your car and drive across town, you would actually get into your parents bed, you are so scared that you are seriously considering going to bed (for crash victim cuddling) with the first person in the room who will let you, you are so scared that you vow to yourself that from now on you will only watch Care Bears Boxsets and Meg Ryan movies, you are so scared that YOU ARE CRYING..

Example : The Descent (2005)