Zombieland TV Show – Cancelled and Despised




Wow.. You’ve got to feel sorry for the cast of the Zombieland TV Show, the pilot was torn to shreds by viewers and Amazon pulled it’s funding before you could say ‘undead’. If I was them, I wouldn’t want that on my C.V.

The Zombieland TV Show is officially no more, after bad viewing figures and venomous back lash from fans of the film on which the Amazon funded series was based. It seems that the fans of the original Zombieland felt that they were being handed a cheap watered down version of a great film, with unknown stand ins taking over from their favorite characters and they didn’t like it, AT ALL. Original screenwriter of Zombieland Rhett Reese, who also took on co writing duties for the TV show, seems to have been hit hard by the demise of the show as he posted this to Twitter ; “I’ll never understand the vehement hate the pilot received from diehard Zombieland fans. You guys successfully hated it out of existence” Ouch.