The Bad Horror Film Club : Summer’s Blood

Welcome to The Bad Horror Film Club , Here we take a look at Horror films that give off a ‘Likely to be baaaaaad’ vibe . TheHorroronline is going to see if they can find a diamond in the crappy horror movie rough. Each film will be given a fair chance and we will discover whether or not they belong in The Bad Horror Film Club

For Consideration : Summer’s Blood (2009)


Also inexplicably known as Summer’s Moon, this straight to DVD Horror was released in 2009, with Ashley Greene taking the title role as Summer Matthews.  The DVD case has a large red sticker on its front that proclaims ‘Starring Ashley Greene from The Twilight Saga’ I found this very worrying. The last time a marketing campaign for a straight to DVD horror tried to cash in on a popular name, Jesse Eisenberg sued (proper order too, Camp Hell was shit and a massive close up of his face on the cover wasn’t going to fix it). The story follows teenager Summer Matthews who has a difficult relationship with her mother and upon discovering that the father she has never known is not dead, as her mother claimed, she runs away from home to find him. The film begins with a dark tone, showing Summer’s home life to be dangerous and hostile and when Summer sets off on her quest to find her father, the story gets darker and darker until by about the one hour mark it’s become pitch black. This isn’t exactly to the film’s detriment but does mean that the film will only appeal to those who prefer their horror ice cold and disturbingly dark.


Summer’s Blood deals with a perverted idea of family, where murder and torture are used as bonding tools. Ashley Greene puts in a feisty performance as our heroine, which is impressive since she spends at least thirty minutes of her screen time chained down in a giant tub of dirt, like a potted plant (actually happens). Unfortunately leading toward its denouncement the film which had been redeeming itself with an interesting concept, veers off into ugly torture porn and it’s mask slips showing that it is not (as it seems to want to be) a disturbing drama with horror elements but a true to form gory straight to DVD mindless torture porn flick, that sees females as murder fodder. Once I had come to this conclusion, I lost patience with Summer’s Blood, it’s gormless violence offered little in the way of entertainment, as it was not frightening just explicit and unsettling.


Fans of Ashley Greene (whom the marketing team behind the film clearly believe is it’s only selling point) could probably find some enjoyment in this otherwise woeful film, due to the fact that Miss Greene is left to do all the heavy lifting acting wise, to the point where she spends the film’s finale staggering under the weight of apparently being the only person there who has attended an acting class, as her co stars overact madly around her. Ashley next time just say no, Love.

The Bad Horror Film Club Verdict : Summer’s Blood or Moon or whatever you’re called, you aren’t fooling anyone, you may wish you were a dark drama but you a nasty, cheap shlock horror.  And you belong in The Bad Horror Film Club.