Horror Movie Stunt Casting Disasters

Horror Films have never been famous for being frequented by Oscar winners but actually being an actor by profession is usually a requirement.  Unfortunately certain movie studios have, over the years made the rather dire decision to cast notorious big names who in some instances became familiar with working in front of the camera not at Film School but rather while filming a sex tape ..*cough* Paris *cough* Hilton. Due to the attention that they have garnered from their celebrity status their very presence in a horror film tends to immediately render it utterly ridiculous. And it makes TheHorrorOnline feel sorry for the poor bastard actors who have to play nice with the ‘totally wrong for the part’ Big Name and end up having to say endlessly in interviews/DVD extras ‘How impressed they are by ‘Big Name’s brave transition into acting’. *SNORT*



Bones (2001)


Big Name : Snoop Dogg

Much was made of Snoop Dogg’s starring role as a murdered gangster who comes back to life to take revenge for his death. There is a strong and very terrifying chance that this film actually wanted to be The Crow’ but by God it missed that mark. If only they had played upon the absolute hilarity of Snoop Dogg ‘being scary’ then it could have been a comedy. But sadly instead it is just a laughable horror.



House Of Wax (2005)


Big Name : Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s turn in House of Wax has proved popular due to two scenes ; the scene in which Paris does a striptease and the scene in which she dies ;  when the highlights of your acting performance amount to getting naked and dying, something is very wrong. Upon watching the film you are left with the distinct impression that Hilton had a champagne Jacuzzi in her trailer while the jobbing actors around her were forced to share a bathroom, their thinly veiled disdain and distance from her is that palpable. House Of Wax has more problems than just having Hilton on the cast list but it probably would have been less of a car crash if she hadn’t been.




Freddy Vs Jason (2003)


Big Name : Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland’s horrifically irritating turn in this lamentably bad film that all but ruined the terrifying images of two of the greatest horror villains of all time, added a very damning insult to a near fatal injury. I think we all could have lived without watching Kelly Rowland have a stand off with Freddy Kruger that consisted of her trash talking him … Dear Lord Why??



Sorority Row (2009)


Big Name : Audrina Partridge

Best known for her ‘work’ on vapid reality show The Hills, Partridge lent her ‘talents’ to this predicable but admittedly fun horror remake. Partridge spent the entirety of her appearance in extremely expensive looking ‘barely there’ lingerie, suggesting that she didn’t gain her role in the film because of her acting talent, a theory unfortunately proved right by her seven looong minutes of stiff, lifeless acting and that’s not counting the ten minutes she spent playing a corpse.