Worst Horror Movie Reactions

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I think I am safe in saying that most of us don’t face the perils of Horror films on a daily basis ; being stalked by a maniac, coming across piles of dead friends, running while screaming – while also not looking like a complete plank. Naturally when it comes to Horror films this is where the ability of the actor comes in, meaning that they have to actually act and if they don’t do it well, then all reality is lost.  Of course I think it’s only fair to point out that it is not always the fault of the actor – the scenario could be so ridiculous that they could actually be dying and it still wouldn’t sell it. But if a film is already proving badly written/shot/directed, then watching an attractive young person feign death is going to close the coffin lid with a nice hard slam and then merrily hammer in the nails in.

Note : I am omitting the classic terrible performances from vintage horror films because they utterly redeem themselves by being hilarious .



Urban Legend (1998)


Bad Reaction : Natalie finds several dead bodies

Natalie Simon (Alicia Witt) is having a rough time, everyone around her is being killed in a fashion that relates to Urban Legends and she clearly didn’t get a call back for I Know What You Did Last Summer... Natalie has made her way to an abandoned building and has conveniently found a room stuffed full of dead acquaintances.  And it goes like so : Look there’s the guy who shaved his head for Smallville aaand there’s his innards *scream* *turn* walk a few paces, lift bed sheet see dead professor  *scream* *turn*open closet and there’s a blonde Pacey dead and hanging from  a rope, *scream* then casually push past him wandering on in hopes of finding more dead friends maybe even your cat. Natalie leaves us with the impression that finding three dead people (whom you knew) in the space of two minutes, is not that big a deal really.


House Of Wax(2005)


Bad Reaction : Paige Meets Her End

Oh sweet watermelon, where to begin? Paris Hilton’s portrayal of Paige facing certain death is interesting but not the sort of interesting that would get her invited onto ‘Inside The Actor’s Studio’ rather the kind that would cause prepubescent boys to watch the scene repeatable on Youtube for their own reasons.. With her delicate kittenish running, her red bra encased breasts merrily bouncing  and her long blonde hair extensions whipping gracefully around her,  she could be frolicking through the Playboy mansion rather than running to her death.



Freddie Vs Jason (2003)


Bad Reaction : Lori Campbell Receives Information.

Lori Campbell (Monica Keena) did in fairness have a lot to deal with, both Freddie Kruger and Jason Voorhees are trying to kill her and her friends and her father may have killed her mother, also Kelly Rowland is trying to steal every scene from her. It all takes its toll when she discovers that her father has put people into comas and her reaction is a very delicate and lady like “What the fuck?” before skipping merrily onward.