The Most Bizarre Horror Villains

Do you fear pastry? Domestic animals? If you do, then you’re in luck, there are a few horror films out there that would terrify the peeout of you but for everyone else they’re just bizarrely hilarious;

Gingerdead Man (2005)


The ashes of executed murderer Millard Findlemeyer find their way into a ginger bread mix and create a killer gingerbread man voiced by Gary Busey. Rrrrrrright, so I’m assuming that everyone involved in the project was high and Gary Busey had bail to pay.

Slugs (1988)


The rather unimaginative title kind of gives away the plot. Slugs meet toxic waste, develop teeth and then exact revenge for years of being accidentally stood on.

Jack Frost (1997)


Not to be mistaken with the Michael Keaton Christmas cuddle fest from 1998, this film which also features a man named Jack Frost being turned into a snowman, deals instead with a killer snowman, who murders  people with icicles and sounds like a truck driver.

ThanksKilling  (2009)


I’m sure there’s a plot in there somewhere (or not), but the most important thing to know about this crazy film is that it’s about a killer turkey and director Jordan Downey apparently built the turkey puppet in his bathroom and held cast auditions in his garage. Watch it now!

Night of The Lepus (1972)


Rabbits, that’s right there is an actual horror film that features killer rabbits, this actually happened. Beware they’re big, they’re bunnies and they’re not a Monty Python sketch.