Upcoming Horror Movie Remakes – Update


Horror Remakes ; they’re not going anywhere  and since my last post on the subject ‘Upcoming Horror Remakes’ there have been new developments and announcements, so let’s check them out :

Halloween (again)


Yes you read that right, John Carpenter’s poor mangled creation, that Rob Zombie violated and then dumped is being eyed up for a reboot again. And who you ask would do such a thing? Wait for it.. Michael Bay. Yep Ole’ Michael obviously felt that his Hate Mail pile was getting a little bit low, and needed adding to.  Dimension Films who are the current owners of the Halloween franchise have been flirting with Platinum Dunes the production company co owned by Michael Bay ( who brought us 2010’s pathetic Nightmare on Elm Street remake, cheers for that you bastards). Yep if you’re an original Halloween fan now would be a very good time to start freaking out.



The so unbelievably awful that it’s actually brilliant film that still gives Jennifer Aniston nightmares, is being remade by WWE films. That’s right World Wrestling Entertainment makes films (if you haven’t seen any of them, really don’t worry).The project is currently in production with no release date slated yet. Warwick Davis has sadly been given the boot and will be replaced by WWE wrestling star Hornswaggle. Warwick has been quoted as saying that he would love a cameo, even just as himself, I think someone needs a hug..

The Fun House


Universal are currently in preproduction with this one. The 1981 original wasn’t exactly a classic and clearly didn’t have much funds behind it, so I’m quite interested to see what a modern twist on the ‘Scary Funfair ‘ will be like. The word is that this will be in 3D, what isn’t these days?



The 1982 Stephen King adaptation that didn’t do man’s best friend any favours is getting a remake. Interestingly enough the remake is being produced by Sunn Classic Pictures Inc who produced the original.  I have high hopes for this remake, as the original version of Stephen King’s bloody terrifying novel has not aged well. The happy St Bernard appeared to be having a little too much of a good time, there were clearly treats involved . With more money behind it and better production values, this could be terrifying. It’s currently slated for release later this year (2013)

Friday The 13th 2


In the Rob Zombie tradition of bizarrely making a sequel to a remake that already has a sequel, Friday the 13th 2 is apparently happening. Though rumours are rife and it’s difficult to pin down any actual details. The rumour mill claims that this sequel to the 2009 remake will get a release in 2014. Plot theories abound from the chance of it being in Found Footage format to being shaped as a prequel. Personally I think the world could live without this one.

Check back for more Horror Remake news, as I will share it as soon as I have it.