New Horror Movies

Enough of remakes! Lets have a run down of some brand new Horror films set for future release!

The Conjuring


Expected : July 2013

James Wan mastermind behind Saw and Insidious returns with a haunted house tale that follows the renowned real life ghost hunting couple Ed and Lorraine Warren as they try to help a family who suspect their farm house to be haunted. Patrick Wilson (who did good work for Wan in Insidious) and Vera Farmiga (wonderful at gracefully freaking out ; see Orphan and Joshua) portray the Warrens. I have very high hopes for this one. An incredibly creepy and atmospheric clip has been released on the web and James Wan has proved himself to be a master of old school horror as well as a unique visionary for the cause of hands on horror visuals. It did take a while but I have finally forgiven him for selling the Saw franchise (he knows he did wrong).

Lords of Salem

Lords of salem

Expected April 2013

How excited you feel about Rob Zombie’s first theatrical release since 2009’s awful and needless Halloween 2 really depends on how excited you get about Rob Zombie and for me that would be ; not very. Zombie gives us his unique take on the dark history of Salem with a story about a radio DJ who accidentally unleashes a murderous 17th century coven of witches by playing a cursed record. If you are a fan of Rob Zombie’s most revered throw back gore fests House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, then judging by the creepy vintage horror tinged Lords of Salem trailer you will not be disappointed, as it looks as if Zombie has returned to writing bloody love letters to violent shockers of the 70’s. At least he’s not actually remaking something this time..

You’re Next

You're Next

Expected August 2013

Shot sometime in 2010 and showcased at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival , this predicted game changer following a family and their guests trying to survive a home invasion, who discover that one of their number has murderous talents, caused a bidding war after it proved insanely poplar at the festival, with preview reviews comparing the film to John Carpenter’s early work. I’m very, very excited for this one! Director’s taking inspiration from classic works and then creating their own vision, instead of just buying the rights and ripping everyone off, is exactly what I like to see!

Black Rock

Black Rock Film

Expected August 2013

Kate Bosworth headlines this battles of the sexes horror, that sees three female friends travel to a remote island off the coast of Maine where they encounter a group of male hunters. Some frisky fun leads to the death of one of the party and the male hunters turn on the girls, until the girls fight back. After viewing the trailer I experienced an extreme flashback to the storyline of the 2008 British shocker Donkey Punch. If Black Rock handles gender mistrust as well as that little gem did, it could be a winner. Kate Aselton a relative new comer wears two hats as the film’s director and as an actress playing one of the terrorised women. I find myself curious to see how this gender battle will be handled in a female director’s hands, hopefully refreshingly.

Come Out and Play

Come out and Play

Expected June 2013

In the great and very camp tradition of The Village of The Damned and 2008’s sickeningly awful Brit offering The Children it’s time for some creepy kids! Cue a trailer that plays several jarring bars of a haunting lullaby (of course) and has one of the characters exclaiming “We have to get out of here!” and you have another film trying to use creepy kids to scare the crap out of everyone. The story follows a young couple who are expecting their first child as they journey to a Mexican island where they discover a deserted town and very sinister seeming children. The film is an adaptation of Spanish writer Juan Jose Plans well received novel. But the clunky and near laughable trailer doesn’t do the film any favours. Perhaps though it will ultimately find itself felled by it’s concept. Personally ‘scary kid’ movies don’t do it for me, as it is very difficult to distract one’s self from the reality that is child actors and from the trailer it looks as though these children enjoy standing around doing impressions of Hitchcock’s Birds.. oh dear.