Upcoming Horror Remakes

Whether you love them or hate them (*cough* *COUGH* ahem), you can’t escape them, horror remakes are continuing their stratospheric rise and here is a list of just a few  of the ones that will soon be coming your way.

Child’s Play

Yep it’s reboot time for Chucky, he’s predicted to back in 2014. Don Mancini and David Kirschner, the writer and producer of the original are apparently back on board to rescue their creation from the depths of camp comedy and return him to the gory horror genre.



This one is already in the can and now in post production. In the Spring we’ll see Chloe Mortez take over the iconic role of the troubled Carrie. The powers behind this remake have been desperately trying to get the word out that the film is actually an interpretation of the Stephen King novel rather than a remake of the 1976 film and have even stated it on the poster. I think perhaps the lady doth protest too much..


The Crow

Yes it is heartbreaking and unfathomable but it is happening. Details are sparse on the project, what we do know for sure is that Mark Whalberg wants us to know that he will NOT be starring as the lead, hurrah!


Pet Semetery

It wasn’t looking good for the proposed second adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel, as it spent years in development hell but reportedly Matthew Greenberg  who  wrote the screenplay for another  Stephen King adap ; ‘1408’ has now finished a script and it is set to move forward.



One of the greatest horror films of the 80’s is getting a remake *sigh* the project was picked up early in 2008 and slated for a November release in 2010 but mysteriously never appeared ( hopefully someone chained themselves to something) it seemed to be dead in the water  but it was announced this month that Sam Rami is now attached as a producer and possible director.


Evil Dead

The trailer has just hit the web and it’s slated for a Spring release. Sam Rami has been backing this reboot of his original all the way and took on scripting duties. He claims that it will be everything that he wanted his original to be but couldn’t achieve because of constraints at the time, hmm we’ll see.


An American Werewolf in London

That’s right no horror classic is safe, not even this one *sigh* ‘The Number 23’ screenwriter Fernly Phillips is attached to script the project with ‘The Crazies’ producer Sean Furst producing. It’s been slated for a 2014 release.


The Birds

This proposed remake is currently lost in limbo. There was much buzz about the remake of the Hitchcock classic back in 2010, with a release predicted for 2011. The script was written, Naomi Watts was ready to go and then it all went dark. Recent industry rumours have alleged that the project came to a grinding halt when Universal saw awful test footage of CGI killer birds. Uh oh, one can only imagine how terrible that looked.



With Tim Curry apparently willing to reprise his role as the infamous Penny Wise, this is one remake that sounds like a good idea. Many felt that the mini series adaptation of the chilling Stephen King novel lacked the production values that the story deserved. So a feature length adaptation with a lot more money behind it could be horrifyingly good. No details have yet been released on whether it will go ahead.



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