The Five Worst Horror Movies to Watch on a Date

The Five Worst Horror Movies to Watch on a Date

In the early days of dating someone, having a movie night together is a rite of passage and for good reason. Once you’ve gotten past the “ Oh I don’t mind, what do you want to watch?” portion of the evening and settled down to watch a film together, it can be a very unifying experience, bringing back memories of the fun movie sleepovers of your childhood. And if it doesn’t accomplish that, at the very least it gives you something to talk about. Horror Movies have long been the go to genre for date movies. There is an excitement in being scared and an enjoyment in sharing it with someone else. But sometimes, a horror movie can be so depraved, terrifying or stomach churning that by its end you no longer trust humankind and would rather curl up in the foetal position than pop open the Pringles and have a make out session. So in no particular order here are my five worst Horror Movies to watch on a date ;



Teeth (2007)

It would be safe to say that during the first flush of  love your new beau is looking forward to getting to know your special Lady Garden, so watching a girl use hers to chomp off arrant boy’s penises  is going to be something of a mood killer.






*shudder* grief induced sexual mutilation isn’t usually the stuff that romantic movie nights are made of. So this should be avoided unless you want to end your night alone in the shower weeping and trying to wash the horror away.





I Spit on your Grave (1978)/(2010)

Though the 2010 remake of this 1970’s shocker is somewhat more restrained, it is still depressing, shocking, disturbing and awful on every level. Rape Revenge movies very rarely lead to fuzzy feelings.





Deadgirl (2008)

Two teenage boys discover a naked chained woman in an abandoned mental asylum who can not die. So the boys proceed to torture her, acting out their every depraved sexual fantasy.. Lovely I’ll stick the microwave popcorn on..






The story of an apartment block terrorised by a sexually transmitted parasite that takes the form of a penis that enjoys wiggling it’s way into ladies baths is iconic yes, but with its obvious riffs on AIDS and countless poorly lit shots of people with their bits out, it could kill the mood.