Netflix Hidden Gems ; Dread

Welcome To Netflix Hidden Gems! Here The Horroronline digs through the Netflix Horror dumping ground to find shiny gems! Today let’s look at Dread a fantastic Clive Barker adaptation! Based upon Clive Barker’s… Continue reading

Horror Movie Boyfriends Rated!!

Let us now look at The Final Girl’s greatest ally ; The Boyfriend. In Slasher films The Final Girl often needs her boyfriend for support during difficult times, for instance when she’s being… Continue reading

Ouija Review

This is going to get ugly. Ouija was funded by Hasbro and produced by Platinum Dunes..Michael Bay’s production company and released on Halloween. Yes it is a thinly veiled marketing scheme masquerading as… Continue reading

Annabelle Review

James Wan’s Summer 2013 hit ‘The Conjuring’ was a real tease. It played mercilessly with it’s audience, telegraphing jump scares and only to present a dead lull that snatched the audience’s breath just… Continue reading

Halloween Party Music Picks!

Whether you’ve having a huge Halloween Shindig or a small spooky gathering here are some music suggestions to help create the creepy mood, without resorting to ‘The Monster Mash’..   Rasputina – Thanks… Continue reading

Why Horror Remakes Need To Stop Immediately.

Picture the scene it’s the year 2017 and a death is occurring, this death is not untimely, in fact it’s long overdue. The Saw Franchise has dragged its bloated 3D manipulated body into a dark… Continue reading

How To Kill A Horror Movie

Franchise’ its a dangerous, dangerous word and it means one thing: money. A film that was once a thing of horror beauty, a work of art becomes condemned by its popularity.  The higher… Continue reading

Low Budget + Big Name = BAD IDEA

I think it is safe to say that Horror B movies garner the least amount of respect from audiences (for good reason) Even porn is given more respect than these cheap shoddily made… Continue reading

We Need To Talk About ; Cursed

Welcome to ‘We Need To Talk About’ A regular feature that will explore current burning topics in the world of horror that really need to be explored and discussed. Let’s get to it… Continue reading

The Bad Horror Film Club : April Fool’s Day (2008)

  Welcome to The Bad Horror Film Club : Here we take a look at Horror films that give off a ‘Likely to be baaaaaad’ vibe TheHorroronline is going to see if they can find… Continue reading